Class: Vindicated

Sport: Basketball

Major: Business

How would you define your role on the team, both on the court and off the court?

I try to be a leader. I want my teammates to be able to come to me with anything basketball or life related. As a captain, I know others look to me for guidance so I have to remain composed in adversity and act as an example others can model themselves after.

What is something Coach Shouse has been stressing to you guys this season?

Defense. If you come to our games, you know that we have no trouble putting points on the board, but in the past we have struggled keeping other teams from doing the same.

What skill have you developed the most in your time at AU?

Mental preparation. I’ve always spent lots of time in the gym developing aspects of my game like my ball-handling and jump shot, but I’ve learned it takes more than that to be successful. I used to put so much pressure on myself and only be satisfied with perfection. Now I just try to enjoy the moment and have fun because I know I’ve done everything I can to prepare.

If you could say anything to the whole student body about the basketball team, what would it be?

We would really appreciate your support. If you’re free for the home games remaining on our schedule, come out and check us out. I promise you’ll have lots of fun. My teammates are the hardest working guys I know and a great representation of our school. I think this will be evident if you come to watch us play.

Photo by Katherine Sheets