Class: Vindicated

Sports: Cross Country and Lacrosse

Major: Exercise Science

What’s it like to captain two collegiate teams?

It is an honor. My role on the lacrosse team is to bring everyone together to focus on a common goal. I try to encourage and be an example on the cross-country team rather than being a more vocal leader like I am on the lacrosse team. This has challenged me to explore, develop, and bring out different leadership qualities in myself because each team requires something different. Being a captain to me means setting an example and being whoever your teammates need you to be in order to accomplish our goals.

You dealt with an injury last cross country season. What was that recovery process like, and nearly a year removed, how do you feel now?

The recovery process was hard and discouraging. It was not easy being on the elliptical by myself while the team was outside practicing. This season I am ready to give my all to the team, especially since this will be my last season.

What’s something you wished more people knew about the lacrosse team?

We have worked hard to get to where we are now and we are continuing to grow and improve each season. This season is going to be our best season yet and I hope people come out to watch our games and support us and learn more about the sport.

You are in a crucial position being the lone senior on a cross country team with seven freshmen. How to you hope to mentor the newcomers?

I may be the only senior, but I do not feel like that because on the cross country team the hierarchy of classes goes away. We all have leadership qualities and we all encourage each other and help lead the team. As a teammate, more than just as the senior, I hope they feel comfortable coming to me for help with anything they may need and knowing that I, as well as the rest of the team, are always there for them because freshman year can be stressful and all of us on the team can help them because we have been in their shoes.