by Hannah Stafford, News Editor

Some of the focal points of the year for Asbury students are the various dances and formal events that take place for each of the classes. The Visionaries held their Freshman Formal on March 4, and it is now time for the Vindicated and Anchored Classes’ Junior-Senior Formal. The event will take place March 24 at 8 p.m. The class cabinets have secured the Paddock Pavilion of Griffin Gate Marriott Resort and Spa as their venue.

“I’m really looking forward to having a fun night out with my friends before we graduate,” said senior Sarah Grace Bloyd. “The fact that we get free food is great too!”

Junior Matthias White is looking forward to dancing with the junior and senior classes.

“Abby Raetz has been teaching me how to swing dance,” said White, “and I am probably most excited about that.”

Junior-Senior is planned entirely by the junior class, and though Junior Class President Madison Farrar said it’s a bit overwhelming, she and the rest of Vindicated’s cabinet are very excited for the finished result.

“The event is coming fast so we’re a little stressed trying to get everything together, but we’re confident that it’s going to come together and we’re hopeful that everyone has a great time,” said Farrar.

Abby Raetz, president of the senior class, said she is completely confident in the junior class’ abilities.

“I know the Vindicated Cabinet has been working really hard, and I’m looking forward to Junior-Senior so much,” said Raetz.

Tickets went on sale March 6 and are available until the night of the event, March 24. Tickets are $15 for one student and $25 for two. The theme of this year’s dance is “A Woodland Dream.” Farrar said that she is very enthusiastic about the possibilities this subject has brought them.

“We’re really excited about the event,” said Farrar. “The venue is beautiful and we are working really hard to transform the space into an enchanted forest. We want the night to be an opportunity to juniors and seniors to get away to another world. We’re going for a whimsical, fairytale feeling when people walk in the door.”