by Sophie Saint Firmin, Staff Writer

This year’s Freshman Formal dance is themed the “Visionary Oscars,” and will be held on Mar. 4, from 7 to 11 p.m. at Round Barn Stable of Memories.

Since the formal is Oscar-themed, there will be Oscar awards given out for categories such as “best dress” and “cutest couple” that people can vote for. Visionary Class Vice President Maggie Richwine stated that Survey Monkey, an online voting system, will be used so that freshmen can vote for each category.

Not all the categories have been disclosed, according to Visionary Class Publicist Eliza Tan. “We don’t want to reveal too many details, [so we can] maintain an element of intrigue.” The final round of voting will take place the night of the formal, and the winners will be announced in true Oscar fashion.

The formal will have appetizers, desserts and Ale-8; however, it is encouraged that everyone grabs a bite downtown before the dance, added Richwine.

The event will be held in Round Barn Stable of Memories on Red Mile Road in Lexington. The location is a unique two-story barn with a romantic and elegant feel. Visionary Class Treasurer Yun Li Tan said that there were cheaper venue options, but the Round Barn had the elegance that the Visionary Oscars demanded.

Tickets will still be available today at the kiosks in the Caf. Each ticket will cost $5, or two tickets for $8.

The Visionary Oscars will be a night to remember and is going to be a “definite highlight of the year,” according to Tan.