By Hannah Stafford, Staff Editor

The Spiritual Life Board at Asbury works tirelessly year-round to provide events and encourage conversations that benefit the spirituality of the campus as a whole. One popular event that occurs three times a semester is WHAM (Worship Him at Midnight). WHAM takes place in the Stuce from 11 p.m. to 1 a.m. and is a time for teaching, worship and prayer. This year, some changes have been implemented, bringing the service more structure and teaching, with a specific focus on the Word of God.

“Our theme this year is ‘Triune,’ which is focusing on the triune nature of our God,” said senior Bryce Shockley, the speaker at this year’s first WHAM on Sept. 9.

“The three WHAMs this semester will each focus on a different member of the Trinity,” said Shockley. “Every song, scripture and sermonette will be about that specific person of the Trinity.”

By incorporating such a concentrated topic, it is hoped that students will be able to search, learn and deepen their faith while worshiping in the middle of the night.

Sophomore David Keener, a member of a student worship band said, “I enjoyed the way the worship was set because it kind of let us, as the band, be out of the way and really make the focus on God.”

Shockley agreed.

“I thought it was the best WHAM I’d ever been to,” he said. “The liturgy, exaltation of who God is and careful planning all really served to have a night that edified believers at Asbury and honored a God who is worthy of our praise.”

Sophomore Tom Mangione expressed appreciation for the unity found in WHAM not just within the student body, but from the various offices and programs that all work together to bring it about.

“I think it was awesome how people from Spiritual Life, IT and Worship Arts came together to produce something really unique and excellent,” said Mangione. “Everyone used their talents to praise God.”

The next two WHAMs will be held on Oct. 28 in Hughes Auditorium and Nov. 11 in the Stuce.