By Robin Gericke and Kaiser Shaffer

A team of Collegian editors, photographers and writers split up across Lexington to bring you the Best of Breakfast in Lexington.

img_3105Wild Eggs:

3735 Palomar Centre Dr

Monday – Friday, 6:30 am to 2:30 pm
Saturday – Sunday, 7 am to 3 pm

While there may be a long line depending on the time of the morning, it’s a wait well worth it. Their website states that “our goal is to offer the same level of preparation, presentation and service that guests can expect from an upscale dining experience.” And they meet that goal quiet nicely. Every dish on the menu seems to have it’s own flair from the crepes to the Eggs Benedict. The range of menu variations does give the establishment a more upscale feel. Yet with the lively and pastel-filled interior, Wild Eggs feels more welcoming than their menu would suppose.  While dishes can sometimes vary in portion sizing, sticking to the staples can prove to be rewarding.




262 North Limestone

Tuesday – Sunday, 8 am – 2 pm

doodles-food-9-of-12Located just across from Third Street Stuff and adorned with metal roosters, Doodle’s offers a unique atmosphere. It boasts high ceilings and walls of windows. Frank Sinatra-esque music played over the speakers, and the room was filled with conversation. While not a quiet place to spend hours talking to a friend, it is a fun and lively environment. Outdoor seating is also available. The service is incredibly fast, and we were served within five minutes of ordering. The biscuits were the stand out. Made in-house, they were squares of buttery goodness. The menu has a wide selection, from a traditional breakfast to shrimp and grits. Though located in downtown, Doodle’s has its own parking lot, so finding parking won’t be an issue.




First Watch:

1080 S Broadway Suite 301

Open Daily: 7 am – 2:30 pm

first-watch-food-3-of-10While this location may be one of the more chain-y selections on our list, it proves to be a good choice for healthy options. Breakfast can quickly turn into a buttery, carb-filled meal, but First Watch’s menu is full of choices that pair eggs with vegetables and other healthy options such as quinoa and granola. For the juice-lovers out there, they have a variety of seasonal options full of fruits, berries, and super foods. But if you want to go the waffles-and-pancakes-smothered-in-syrup-with-a-side-of-bacon route, they have that too. The interior provides a light and open dining experience, which is perfect for a Saturday brunch.




Ramsey’s Diner

4391 Old Harrodsburg Rd

Monday – Friday, 11 am – 11 pm

Saturdays and Sundays, 9 am – 11 pm

ramseys-food-5-of-8Ramsey’s reminded us of a place your grandpa takes you for breakfast, and the breakfast crowd reflected this demographic. It was similar to a Cracker Barrel, but higher quality and more home style. We sampled the traditional breakfast, which included heaping portions of eggs, hash browns, bacon, sausage, toast and pancakes. It was a lot of food for $10; the only downside was that sharing isn’t technically allowed as stated on the menu. The best part of the meal was the hash browns and crispy bacon. Though not a typical college brunch destination, the friendly service, the homey environment, the good food and its proximity to campus put Ramsey’s on our list of Best of Breakfast.