By Katie Ellington, News Editor

Threedom, Asbury’s anti-trafficking student organization, will be hosting a Fair Trade event Thursday afternoon in the Student Center. Vendors will be selling goods from around the world that were produced under fair labor conditions.

“I think that people will enjoy this event because it brings pieces of other cultures onto our campus,” said Threedom president Anna Corbitt.

Threedom advisor Dr. Erin Penner says the event will give students the opportunity to learn more about Fair Trade firsthand and how thinking twice about where they shop can be an easy way to fight human trafficking.

Although we’d love it if Asbury sent scores of people to work for anti-trafficking groups such as International Justice Mission or Refuge for Women, we want to make it clear that everyone can and should take steps to counter this global problem.  Buying fair-trade goods instead of those made by exploited workers is just one way to do this,” she explained. “We want to offer ways that we can, as individuals, adopt habits that will make human trafficking less lucrative worldwide.”

The event will take place from noon to 4 p.m. with four vendors present.