By Victoria McClary, Staff Writer

Joaquin Guzman, the notorious member of the Mexican drug cartel known as “El Chapo,” will be deported back to the United States after he escaped through a tunnel from a prison in Mexico this past July. When he reaches the States, he will face charges for drug trafficking. He was discovered hiding out in the city of Los Mochis after communicating with American actor Sean Penn about a possible movie deal about his life. This meeting with Penn helped Mexican officials locate El Chapo. Mexican Attorney General, Arely Gomez stated, “Another important aspect that allowed us to pinpoint his location was having discovered Guzman Loera’s intention to film a biographical movie through establishing communication with actors and producers, which formed a new line of investigation.” While Hollywood is known to make films and television shows based upon the lives of infamous individuals, El Chapo’s capture will make sure he is not directly involved in that process. Also during his time on the run, he gave an interview to Rolling Stone magazine where he bragged about his drug trade and the amount of drugs he trafficked.

Because of Sean Penn’s involvement with El Chapo and his subsequent capture because of their communication, Penn or his family could be in danger with the cartel. Not only that, but Penn could be facing charges if he knowingly aided or did not inform authorities about the drug lord’s whereabouts. He could face charges as an accessory to a fugitive if this information is discovered.

After his capture, two men claiming to be El Chapo’s sons took to social media in order to insult Mexican government officials and to make threats. These accounts have not be verified but Mexican officials say they are authentic accounts. In fact, one of the tweets may have led to the capture of El Chapo by informing authorities of his whereabouts.

According to CNN, he was captured in the city of Los Mochis by Mexican naval forces. Five people were killed and six others were captured in the raid on the house where El Chapo was hiding. He had to be chased through the streets by the forces when he escaped through a sewer tunnel and then stole a car to escape from the forces. Authorities found the car and took him into custody before he could escape the city.

For the time being, El Chapo has returned to the same maximum security prison in Mexico from which he escaped where he will wait to be extradited to the United States in June of this year.