By Robin Gericke

Class: Anchored
Major: Media Communications with emphasis on Film Studies and TV Production.
Branch: SAB.
Committee: Head of the Movies Committee, the Anchored Class Activities Director and the WACW representative.

What is the importance of your committee/branch?

What my committees mostly do is entertain people. I like to see students have fun on campus. Whether it’s a Movie on the Green, a Class Christmas Party or playing music for an event, I love stepping back and seeing everyone around me having a good time.

What has been the best moment you’ve experience while being involved with them?

One of my favorite moments is playing a movie out on the Green. It’s great seeing all kinds of students come out and sit in front of this giant screen and watch a movie. Once it starts, I like to sit back and just look around and see the different people that are enjoying the movie. It’s great seeing all the different students relaxing and getting away from the stress of school. I feel like it’s a great escape for students.

What do you want other students on campus to know about your committee/branch?

What I want students to know about these groups I’m a part of is we are always open for new ideas. I love talking to people about event ideas and what they want to see done on campus. It’s great getting insight from the student body to see what they really want here at school.