By Dylan Hofmann, Contributing Writer

Millions of people watch videos every day. One aspect of producing a video that many forget about is the background music. Whether it be instrumental or a number one hit, there is always some music included. For filmmakers, finding music that fits their style of film can be hard, and it is even harder to find it licensed. Musicbed helps you get both at an affordable price while also benefiting both filmmakers and indie music artists.

Musicbed, licenses music to different kinds of projects from films, to wedding videos and ad agencies. Their mission statement is “all about making quality music easily accessible for licensing, empowering creatives to tell better stories and supporting musical artists” ( The music on this site is hand picked indie artists that you would want to listen to that is organized by artist, song, project type, genre, mood, lyrics or no lyrics and more.

Their website is designed to be as simple and as useful as possible. For example, if you’re working on an independent film, and you’re looking for some sad, love music because a girlfriend just got broken up with, you can choose those specifications and up pops a bunch of fitting songs to your film. That is just one example of its usefulness when looking for music. There are two features that they offer that I love to use. First, visual waveforms. Instead of skipping through different parts of a song to find the slowest or quietest part, or the builds, it shows you where they are so you know exactly how to fit it into your video. The other feature is vocal filters. Some films need ambient vocals or a choir. With the all new vocal filter, you can narrow the vocal track down to what fits your video best.

We should not only use this website to find music for our videos but also to support artists. In the music industry today it is hard for musicians work to take off. With this site, they are getting paid for you to use their song, as well as giving them free publicity. For those not in film industry, still take a look at this site. It’s still an amazing site to find new artists or bands to search on iTunes to buy. The pricing tiers that they offer are reasonable for anyone. Prices begin at $49 for single-use projects, to $199 and up for films based on the audience size the film is being shown.

For anyone working with video of any kind from a film for Highbridge, or a commercial to be shown at a local event, Musicbed is the perfect source to fill in the musical gaps that come with video production.