By Rebekah Ridener, Contributing Writer

The new iPhone 6s hit shelves today, prompting many to ask what is new about this iPhone, in comparison with previous models—while the iPhone 6s is the same size and has the same body design as the 6, it also boasts multiple improvements.

Users who noticed the iPhone 6’s speed when loading apps and taking photos will likely be amazed with the new iPhone 6s. It has the new A9 processor, which allows the phone to perform faster than its forerunners. Apple also released the new iOS 9 software, which is prebuilt into the phone and takes up less space than iOS 8—over two-thirds less. This takes away the hassle of having to delete items from the iPhone to make room to install the new iOS 9.

The new iPhone also offers a 3D Touch feature. 3D Touch is an advancement of Apple’s current touch screen software, multi-touch. Multi-touch is what allows the user to pinch, swipe and slide the screen to navigate the phone. With 3D Touch, users can now apply various levels of pressure to pull up different submenus related to certain apps. By using a light press of the finger, the user can now “peek” at what is in the message without having to open the messaging app. Or if the user holds the screen down while it is in peek mode, the message will pop fully up on the screen. With 3D Touch also comes quick actions, which allows the user to hold down on the app to do what they most frequently do with the app. For example, by holding down the Messages app, the user can contact the person they text the most by sliding their finger up to their name.

Another new feature that film lovers will appreciate is the new 4K video camera. Apple’s competitors have not made the move to the 4K video camera yet, making the new iPhone have the clearest and cleanest video of any smartphone. The camera has 12 megapixels, making the screen resolution more clear than the previous iPhone. The only downside to this is that better photos and video take up more storage space.

Apple is the first company that brought the first successful personal computer to the masses, revolutionized the music industry with the iPod and iTunes store and became a game changer in the cellphone industry. The new iPhone 6s isn’t as big of a change as when Apple released the iPhone 6, but Apple is still doing their part in driving the smartphone industry forward.