Lela Rucker, I leave you all of my food in our dorm (because I know you get insanely hungry), our late night runs to Taco Bell, and all of the funny moments we had as roommates. Victoria Sewell and Lauren Ury, I leave you both with my art studio and knowledge. Lincoln Erickson, I leave you with all of our wonderful times together on our Germany/Poland trip and your constant references to Uncle Max from the Sound of Music. David Ely, I leave all the times we acted silly together and talked about Percy Jackson and Harry Potter. The girls of Beast Hall, I leave my wonderful moments that I had with you all in the unit. Sarah Beth De Loache, Elizabeth Kenyon, Beth Matz, Paige Grass, Anna Andrews, Chelsea Long, and Olivia Gildersleeve, I leave you all the fantastic times we had in my three years that I have gotten to know you all, I will miss you but no matter where we are, ya’ll be the Avengers and I’ll be Loki. The rest of the Asbury students that I didn’t mention, I leave you all with my happiness, smiles, and tears of joy. Thank you all for being a part of my life in the last three years here, I will miss you all.

Emily Cross

I, Rebeca Robles, leave Chandler Vance the Ichthus Stage for the purpose of practicing and performing monologues before any and all auditions. Remember, the stage is where we tell our secrets. Tell them through stories worth telling. Jump the fence at your own risk. 

Rebeca Robles


To Katie Palmer, I leave any and all things pumpkin flavored (especially the muffins). To Jessica Swick, I leave my extra Dramamine for any deep sea fishing adventures. To Sara Menges, I leave all of my extra dry-erase markers and notecards…and good wishes for all remaining science classes. And lastly, to Victoria Dandurand, I leave the title of “baby bird” to pass on to another. 

Much Love, 

Marissa Zatezalo


Ramon Guivas, I bequeath to you letting your hair grow wild and free while not [caring] what anyone says about it. 

Trent Ellsworth, I would like to reinstate the bequeathing of my Mullet, which is now permanently attached to the wall of the Outhouse. May it serve as a constant reminder to live adventurously.  Let the aura of its majesty permeate campus inspiring generations to come. 

The Vindicated Class, I leave to you the yoke of being the downright best class on Asbury’s Campus.  I love each and every one of you.  Go on and show Asbury just what you are capable of. And for the love of God please don’t let Anchored win anything ever! 

The Mighty Moosen, I leave you with the looks of pure terror on others faces when they see you barreling down their halls yelling our triumphant cry.  Throughout my time here there has never been another place I would rather go home to at the end of the day.  May you antlers stay sharp and your Millsap hang low. 

Those taking Advanced Accounting next year, I leave to you questioning why you chose to major in Accounting every single day for the entire semester.  Stay strong you can do it though. 

Megan Palmer and Benjamin Calicott, I give to you the blessing of being Class Sponsor. Be confident in the gifts God has given you.  You all are going to do great. 

 The Professors of Asbury, I leave to you an apology for sleeping through 90% of your classes. I promise I actually did care about your subject… most of the time.

Allison Antram, I leave to you the Jared Gerhardstein.  The best drink ever created at the HICCUP.  Secondly, I leave you with the knowledge that in my four years here I have never spent a single dollar at the HICCUP.  

Alex McIntosh, I bequeath to you the process of loving on our darling freshman during your extended time at Asbury.  You are an awesome class sponsor and I have loved getting to work with you. 

Bruce Truax, I leave to you the drive between Mason, Ohio and Wilmore, Kentucky.  I pray you find company comparable to Cassie, Kyle and Myself.  I also bequeath to you the jubilation of dancing like a complete fool and not caring who else is watching.  

Jared Gerhardstein


To Lydia Tatman, you will always be the salmon to my salad, the music to my ears, and the cream to my coffee. May you always “see the Light.” To Lydia Underwood, I leave you my heart for this place. Love the people with charity, and never stop loving early morning escapades, because they are the best memories ever made. Think of me whenever you eat a sandwich, and may the memory of Patrick live forever in our hearts. WOOF. To Rebecca Frazer, I leave the honor of being the RA of First Crawford. The women you’ll love there will leave a mark on your heart that can never be forgotten. May you be richly blessed as you selflessly serve (Tell me if you decide you love Ron).

  All my love,

 Rachel Dery


To Quentin and Audrey, I leave you the title of the Coolest Social Work Majors. May you be an example of goodness to the incoming freshman and may you be awesome. Love others where they are. Also, you two are some of the best dancers I know. To Sarah George, I leave you random trips to Starbucks before Sunday School starts at church. Convince Bethany to go with you next semester. I also leave you Parks and Rec/The Office quotes. To Swick, I leave you the memory of Florida, and the memory of Tom. May you have less fun on your next trip to Florida without me. To the Ransomed Class, I leave you the ability to win the Legacy Games next year. S’s up! #GoldenAge2.0. To the rest of Asbury, have fun. Enjoy these next few years and trust that God will lead you where He wants you. And finally, to the wonderful Unshakable Class, you guys are the best. I love you all dearly and will miss you when we leave. 

Macaira Furman 


I, Katie McPherson, being of sound body and mind (ish), do hereby declare that this is my last will and testament as a student at Asbury University.

To the one and only Quentin Carter, aka Q-by Doo, I leave tweeting in #chapel.  So many members of our Twitter fam are leaving, so it’s up to you to expand it.  You’re like the king of chapel tweets though, so I’m not worried.  Also, butter rice. 

To Daniel An, I leave always being late to chapel.  Keep on keeping on. 

To Maryann Barbee I leave the entire campus and everyone that I ever introduced you to. Have fun.  Also, thanks for always favoriting my tweets. 

To Abigail Foster, I would like to leave an apology for the fact that I won’t be around to help her get through AU Theater Department productions.  I believe in her, though.  And to Brooke Butterworth I leave being cast as the old lady/40 year-old mom in every show.  Typecasting is real.

To Mary Nell Sparks I leave memories of Indian Springs girls lunch on Wednesday afternoons.  I’ll miss them.

To Seth Ury I leave fist-bumps during class.

To Chandler Vance, I leave my favorite headphones that you borrowed and then lost. I’m not bitter. Well, I’m not that bitter.

Molly Bramble, you are now the last remaining member of the SMT Renewed Team of 2013. May we never forget that Susan fell off a horse. Time flies.

Sarah Henderson, know that I fully expect you to walk randomly into Room 206 to talk to whoever lives in #Vatie’s room next.  Make sure they know how cool we were (and are).

Austin Howard, I’m sorry that I won’t be here next year to entertain you in Chorale.  I hope it’s not boring without me.  I mean it will be, but I hope you can make the best of it.  I’m sure Jake Halm can help you out.

And lastly, to the Anchored Class, I leave the knowledge that the Unshakable Class beat you in the Legacy Games.  Cherish the memory. #UnshakableLegacy #lastyearbestyear

Love, Katie McPherson


I, Emily Hudson, hereby state in my last will and testament, that my sparkly clipboard is to be left to Alyssa (Kevin) Bacon… you know why. My sass is to be left with Jonathan Waterman, as if you don’t already have enough of it. And Tim Shell, to you I leave my sense of style, which I’m still waiting for to catch on. 

Emily Hudson


To Sarah Henderson and Austin Howard, I leave all the milkshake Mondays and Float Fridays.  Carry on and stay strong.

Will McBride

To Asbury University, I leave my love and memories; it’s been great. To the Ladies of the Loft, I love you all and I want to leave you all the love and prayers I can give. To the men of Davis A, thanks for the laughter and I want to leave you my friendship; you guys will forever be in my heart.  To Haley Hulett, all the chai in the world (and I might stop teasing you about Will, we’ll see)! To Bayly Shelley and Nick Fugette, the knowledge that you guys are probably the coolest guys at this school (in case you weren’t aware). To Katie McMahon, I’m giving you Uganda. Because I know you are going to change not only that nation but the world. But start small with Uganda for now.  To Amanda Secen, I’m not leaving you anything. Because I cannot for the life of me think of anything that sums up our friendship adequately so #sorrynotsorry. To my roomie and my best friend, Rachel Lautzenheiser, I wish I had endless amounts of Starbucks and delicious food to give you and endless hours of Law and Order: SVU that we could watch. 

Love you all,

Liz Toohey


To the bibliophiles on campus, I bequeath the firstfruits of next year’s library book sale. The early bird gets the Calvin and Hobbes book. 

To the incoming freshman I leave my former chapel seats: CD9 and CB10. To the sophomores: C7 and P8. To the juniors: G1 and K12. And to next year’s seniors: L3 and N6.

I give the bench on the semicircle with a hole on one side to Stuce Couple #1. The hole gives you an excuse to cuddle, and you get to enjoy the great outdoors as you do it.

I leave with all the non-actors on campus my unfulfilled dream of appearing in a Highbridge film.

I bequeath the middle individual study desk on the east side of the library facing north to Calicia Wilson. May you always be as ghetto as your name.

Future men of The Family, I leave the best hall on campus in your care. Continue on the legacy of raucous camaraderie and Christian fellowship.

I leave Johnson East Room 304 to Tim Shell and Jonathan Waterman. May you experience many late nights talking about theology, sports, and contraception

 Jonathan, I also leave you the RA jawbone as your scepter. May your rule The Family with a strong but benevolent hand.

Hannah, I leave the Friedeman legacy with you. Uphold the family name and keep being cool. Prepare for a flood of guys asking you to go on dates once I leave.

Elijah  Friedeman


To Sara Menges I leave the peeling paint in my room and a win in racquet ball. To Audrey Gray I leave a thrown because you are the queen of parkour. Alex Ike, I leave you coolness, but….you don’t need it. Last but not least, Quentin Carter, I leave you the position of Glide Crawford RA and all of the fruit in the caf.  

Kristen Bender


 To Hannah Friedeman, I pass on the legacy of the “Baby Bird” – love generously. I’ll also leave you an invisible (ugly) orange couch. To Lydia “Champ” Underwood, I leave you the best legacy I could possibly pass on – Second Crawford. The most wonderful of all Asbury women live there. Love them, feed them, never leave them. And with that quote, I’ll also leave you my extra copy of “Garfield: The Movie”. Anna Corbitt, princess of the Registrar’s Office, I entrust you with the responsibility of explaining The Portal to all of Asbury’s campus. I will consign my favorite gold-plated ABC order accordion to you. I also leave you my Goldfish stash. Use them wisely. Always share with Sarah. Quinnette Connor, I leave you with the responsibility to play good music. I’m sorry I can’t leave you my shared iTunes account.

 With all my love,

 Kiley Koeppe


To Josh Moore and Ian Huxham, I leave Davis C, a dodgeball tradition, and lots of good memories. 

To Rachel Boles, I leave you with Claire Underwood. Take care of my bb.

 Bayly Shelley


Andy Baldridge, I hope you find the buried treasure that you so desperately seek. Andrew King, never stop watching The Office, never stop making puns, and keep N3RD weird and slightly inappropriate. Carson Childers, here’s a little audio tip: route the bus to the preamp. Phil Lambert, keep up the great tradition of Lowbridge and keep making PHILMS. To the Phys Plant workers, I give you the pleasure of never having to see me naked again. Hey underclassmen who park in the upperclassmen parking spots, don’t do that. Wait your turn. You’re not special. 

Zac Cooper


To the incoming Class of 2019, I give the literal millions of urinal cakes hidden around campus that the janitorial staff thing we don’t notice they are using instead of air fresheners. We notice, guys. We notice.

Merry Moore