Leave your legacy at Asbury in right hands by contributing your Senior Will to the final issue of Asbury Collegian for the 2014-2015 year. Here’s an example:

Sarah Choate, I leave you the wooden chair in Dr. Hurlow’s office (trust me, you’ll be in there a lot with questions about life and the Review), campus cat, Cottage Cafe, and half of my heart because you’re my favorite coffee-date-love-language buddy. Karis Rogerson, I leave you motherly and big sister affection and advice and Emma Approved. Claire Hill, I leave you with the weighty responsibilites of a double major in English AND creative writing: put off academic writing for fiction writing, care about Corgis and all things British. Kiley Koeppe, I leave you all the beautiful things: long hugs, Taco Bell, Grille Food (winky face), hanky waves, Sam Cooke, Psych, dancing, and generally all things yellow. Erin Sigmund, I leave you to care for and cultivate our plans to live in Pittsburgh together and be total hipsters. It still needs to happen. Kelsey Lane, I leave you all that comes with the name “Kelsey”: misspellings, mispronunciations, and all things awesome like that. (Also, lots of hugs, little buddy.) Nick Manchester, I leave you merciless teasing if you flake out on cabinet lunch once you become president. Victoria Dandurand, I leave you trail mix and snuggles. Brenden Steury, I leave you the reassurance that in reality I would never just wander into the WGM center, turn off a movie while you were in the middle of it and then just leave. Mandy Smith, I leave you Gilmore Girls and the request that you’ll come live with me and be my live-in chef. I can pay you in poems and hugs. Hunter Miller, I leave you walking and the pancake cart business that could have made us billionaires. Kale Bandy, I relinquish you from your stalker privileges… You can stop following me now.


Kelsey Campbell

Funny or serious, please submit your famous last words to Meredith Schellin by Tuesday, April 21st!