1) How does it feel to have completed your last home swim meet?

Completely surreal! I can’t believe that my four years competing at Asbury are coming to an end, and I am proud to have made it this far!


2) Who has motivated you the most throughout your swimming career?

My coaches, teammates and family have all been a huge source of motivation and encouragement.  But when I step on the block for each race, I am reminded that I swim for an audience of one: Jesus. He is the true inspiration in my swimming career. 


3) Do you enjoy playing any other sports besides swimming?

Basketball knockout! – It’s not a sport, but it should be! In high school I competed in badminton at the state level (which is NOT the same as “BBQ badminton!”). Currently in addition to swimming, I compete in triathlons ranging from Olympic to Half-Ironman distances.


4) I know the swim team sometimes has practice at 5 a.m. What does it take to get out of bed that early and get in the pool?

One word: COFFEE! (Just kidding!). It’s really about delayed gratification.  We all have goals we want to achieve, and often goals require sacrifice.  In this case, the sacrifice is sleep. All those early mornings are worth it when you swim that goal time at the end of the season.


5) What is something you plan to do after graduation?

I am majoring in both Elementary Education and Spanish Education, so I hope to be teaching in a bilingual or immersion school. 


6) What is something you have learned about yourself while being at Asbury?

I’ve learned that the ONE thing I can control in life is my attitude. Over the past few years I’ve faced many challenges both in and out of the pool.  I can’t always control what happens, but I can control my response and attitude toward a situation.  How we react to a circumstance is a choice that we make.


7) Do you see yourself continuing to swim after graduation?

Yes! In the next few years I would love to continue competing in triathlons, which includes swimming. As a triathlete, I will not need to train near as many yards as I do now, so I’ll only be in the water about two times a week.