By Hannah Schultz, News Editor

At the latest Asbury Student Congress (ASC) meeting on Tuesday, the Executive Cabinet (EC) shared their vision for the spring semester.

One of the items discussed was food service.

“We don’t necessarily see food as ‘more important’ than other areas like wifi and parking, but it is the most common improvement that our students want to see (and taste), so it will be one of main focuses moving forward this semester,” said President Jordan Wood.

A wide range of food-related topics were discussed at the meeting, including the smell of the cafeteria and the current Bistro hours. The idea of to-go meals, aside from sandwiches, being offered in the Bistro was raised. The panini makers in the cafeteria will also be returning.

Additionally, a proposal was passed to organize a Pre-Physical Therapy Club, meant for all students in health/exercise related fields who intend to pursue a graduate degree.

Another topic discussed were suggested changes to the Student Body Guidebook. Wood read several to the rest of ASC who approved all of them.

Students can look forward to the EC finishing this year strong by implementing important changes that will improve campus life.

“Time has flown by this year, and I have enjoyed every minute of it,” said Wood. “Our main goals will continue to be to provide the improvements that our students are asking for. We will focus on improving food service, weekend activities and spiritual life this semester.”