“Through a personal visual language, my work has to do with the variety of emotions felt in life and noticing beauty that is all around you, in both large and small things. I believe beauty is one of the ways that God reveals His love for us, letting us know that He is always present, even when it doesn’t feel like it!” 

                                – ANGIE LISTER

“Professor Lister’s work was recently purchased to become part of permanent collection of the well-funded University of Kentucky Healthcare Art Collection. This means from time to time her work will be featured in the newly renovated UK hospital and other spaces on UK’s campus. Their curator, Jackie Hamilton, recognised in Professor Lister’s work her affinity for organic shapes and her skill at taking simple organic shapes and giving them a powerful, poetic character.”


“Our department continues a long tradition of annual Faculty Exhibits with this solo exhibit by alum and current adjunct professor Angie Lister. Besides creating an outlet for collective cultural expression, the gallery spaces on campus also provide a quiet space to contemplate and view art. With this exhibit, we catch a glimpse of Professor Lister’s vision as an artist who shares poignantly through paint on canvas, the grace and mercy evident of her life.


We are so fortunate to have talented faculty like Lister who are able to creatively share their vision both in the classroom and on the walls of our Galleries.”


“Angie’s work visually synthesizes several of her major life events. It may be interesting for students to see if they relate and connect to those events through the work, or to simply take in the work for its visual value. It is worth going & looking; the physical act of walking, looking and being in a space surrounded by paintings is irreplaceable.”