Abby Witt

Contributing Writer

The Asbury Lady Eagles soccer team hosted a soccer clinic to the youth in the Wilmore community on Sept. 22. Roughly 10-20 children were expected to come out for a night on the soccer field to learn straight from the collegiate athletes of Asbury women’s soccer. Earlier in the summer the team traveled to New York for a mission trip, and this was used as a spin-off from the previous mission trip to impact the town of Wilmore.

“We are hoping for this clinic to operate in a way to empower our athletes to in a positive way for the children in attendance,” said head coach Brooke Lincoln. Even though this clinic was used to help develop children’s soccer skills, this wasn’t the team’s main goal of the night. Coach Lincoln has made it known that she wants her girls to represent the love of Christ on and off the field, and tonight they were utilizing another way of doing exactly that.

Junior goalkeeper Lizzie Hoffa said, “I am excited to see the little girls get into soccer and am excited to see them out here on the field with us. By having a short time at the end of sharing devotion, I hope that their eyes are opened to Christ.”

Asbury athletics stand out amongst the rest by not only performing their sport but also doing it by showing the grace of God. Coach Lincoln made the comment, “Everyone is able to use the platform the Lord has given them to serve others. For us, it so happens to be in the form of a round ball.”