By Bria Isaacson
Contributing Writer

Asbury Student Congress (ASC)’s Movie Committee hosted their first movie, The Lego Movie, on the green Saturday night. According to the Movie Committee Chair, junior Ben Garverick, there were about 320 people who showed up to watch the movie.

This surpassed the committee’s goal of 300 people. “[This is] fantastic given the temperature and sophomore retreat,” Garverick said.

Although the temperature—which was about 55 degrees—may have driven some people away, it drove many closer together. “It was fun because it was kind of cold,” freshman Madison Farrar said. “[My friends and I] cuddled up in a blanket together. This was a good [way] to bring the community together, all in the same space watching the same thing and expe- riencing the same feelings.”

Farrar and others proved that a little cold front could not keep them from a good time, for more important than the free treats or weather is the sense of community that was so apparent throughout the course of the movie.

“Everyone was there,” sophomore Josh Bedsole said. “It was a big community thing, and the sense of community was really strong. What’s better than sitting on the grass with hundreds of other people and watching a movie?”

This is one reason that freshman Zach Jeffcoat decided to attend. “We all brought a bunch of blankets and sat in the front. We went to coffee afterwards too,” Jeffcoat said. Many students felt that the Movie on the Green was a great way to strengthen relationships and have fun.

Junior Claire Hill said, “We all have seen the movie now so we have inside jokes.”

The event not only strengthened friendships that have long been established, but started new friendships, too.

“I met some new people in the popcorn line. We talked about our love for the movie,” freshman Emily Lang said. “[It was] a good social event to meet new people. If I run into [the people I met], we can have a good talk and be friends.”

Because of high attendance and community-building, the Movie Committee said this night met their goals. They are in the process of planning more nights such as this one, but are not sure on any details at this point.

Regardless of the success of future events, the community and memories from this past Saturday night will stick with people. “I am really appreciative of ASC for putting this on,” Jeffcoat said. “It was very memorable.”