By Allison Antram
Contributing Writer

The Coffeehouse Concert, put on by Asbury Student Congress, was wildly successful in giving students a chance to showcase their musical talents in a casual setting packed with students eager to listen to their peers and enjoy free coffee. The musical acts consisted largely of acoustic performances. A number of renditions of slower hits such as Coldplay’s “Fix You,” Adele’s “Set Fire to the Rain,” and many more – along with more unique acts, such as guitar solos and quirkier performances such as Draft Horse Day.

“I love playing with the guys of Draft Horse Day and this provided an opportunity for us to play in a fun, chill environment,” band member senior Kyle Thiele said of the concert. Their band, including seniors Nolan Hodge, Tyler Wilson and Austin Broome, has been together for two years. Draft Horse Day consistently brings a fun environment to their acts and provided a lively switch from the typical performance at the concert. “High energy is our style so we didn’t change that for a Coffeehouse vibe,” Thiele said. “We had fun performing and I hope others had fun watching.”

The event attracted a large variety of talent and interest. Junior Meredith Anderson, Vice President of Student Activities, was one of the people in charge of the event and explained that the “Student Activities Board recognized that Asbury students are very talented, and we wanted to give them an opportunity to showcase that talent outside of the higher-pressure Fall 
Variety Show.” Anderson also said that it would provide a comfortable atmosphere for hanging out or doing homework.

The event was very successful and went much longer than expected. “We anticipated a large turnout, but not that big,” Anderson said. She explained that these concerts can be expected much more frequently because of the high interest. “We are trying to have about one concert- type event each month, either where artists will play music or where students can play music.” For instance, Asbury graduate and rising musician Abe Parker will be playing on Sept. 27.

Thiele is not alone in saying that “I am a fan of the community aspect these events bring.” Asbury is certainly known for its community, and gatherings like the Coffeehouse Concert make that even more evident. More opportunities such as this one are sure to come for those who want to share their musical talents, listen to music, support their friends, or just drink coffee. For those wishing to get involved but who are not so much musically talented, ASC is of- fering opportunities to get involved in their different branches or committees.

There will be a Plugged In event on Sept. 18 from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. for those interested in planning and being a part of these campus activities, such as through the Concerts and Coffeehouses committee. Students can also contact Anderson for more information.