By Joel Sams
Senior News Writer

All Asbury classes were cancelled on Monday, March 3, due to hazardous road conditions, according to a campus-wide email from Provost Jon Kulaga. The cancellation came after two consecutive two-hour delays.

In a Feb. 11 article for the Collegian, junior Ashley Walls reported that delays and cancellations due to road conditions are rare. Walls said the final decision belongs to Provost Jon Kulaga. In her article, Walls quoted Kulaga as saying, “In the seven years I have been here, we have had a few delays in the morning, and a couple of early releases in the afternoon.”

Senior Josh Jones says Monday, his first full snow day at Asbury, was a good experience.

“I was home-schooled, so I haven’t had a snow day in seven or eight years,” Jones said. “I was loving it.”

While the snow day did delay a quiz scheduled for Monday, Jones says the day off did not create problems with his schedule.

Freshman Anna Corbitt was alerted to the cancellation by a series of reactions from her hall-mates in Glide Crawford. After receiving notification of the first delay, Corbitt decided to sleep in, but to get up in time for chapel.

“I was going to go to chapel, because it was a really good chapel,” Corbitt said. “I had already gotten up and gotten ready for chapel, and then heard the whole dorm screaming, and found out we had gotten out until 12. Then I came back and heard more screaming and jumping up and down, and it was cancelled for the whole day.”

Corbitt says that even though she had to go in to work at the Luce Center, she was able to take advantage of the day off, using the time to catch up on study and sleep.

Despite the catching up she was able to do, Corbitt says the day off had drawbacks.

“Two of my classes were interrupted,” she said. “In one of them we’re preparing for a test, and the test got pushed back, which kind of messed up what we were doing. Also, I missed another class on Monday, which is normally at 11, and it’s just not a good class to ever miss.”