The last in a three-part series about “hidden gem” locations near campus

By Cassie Gerhardstein
Senior Features Writer

It’s hard to believe that there are many natural hidden gems within a few miles of Asbury. At least that’s what I thought until recently when someone introduced me to the Indian Springs waterfall.

In need of adventure, I went along with a couple friends to discover what I was told was “the most awesome thing ever.” 
You can hear the destination long before laying eyes on it. The sound of hundreds of gallons of water flowing over a rocky edge creates a constant roar that begins as white noise and slowly converts into a powerful boom. 

Junior Griffin Appel first went to the waterfall his freshman year and has been going back ever since. 

“For the people who love beautiful views, this is an awesome place to just take in all of the beauty around you,” Appel said. “But for the people who love to ‘do’ and not just ‘look,’ the waterfall is awesome to climb up with the water rushing over your body.” 

Yes, you heard right. You can actually climb up this waterfall. 

The experience begins at the trail-head at the top of a cliff and winds down deep into the valley to the waterfall. 

The most important thing to remember if ever going to the waterfall is to be careful. It may sound cliché, but there is high risk involved as soon as you step on the trail. The cliff is steep and many rocks are unstable. If you attempt to climb the waterfall, do not underestimate its power. The water is relentless and the rocks are extremely slippery. 

Appel’s advice is to “go slow, and be sure of every hold before you put all your weight on it because, again, one slip could easily end up being your last.”

As long as you take the necessary precautions, this is an awesome place to hang out, get some exercise, enjoy nature and relax. 

Appel added, “Just be smart and respect this beautiful spot because it has so much to offer.”