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Campus Pulse: February 10

What do you want for Valentine's Day? MM: “I DON'T want one of those giant teddy bears.”; BA: "Food." Madeline Mullenbach, junior, and Bryce Anderson, junior AB: “She wants a puppy.”; KA: "He wants the kickstarter to work." Austin Blevins... Read More...

Access to cameras devalues photography

by Betsy Oda, Opinion Editor Picture this: You go out to coffee with a friend and snap a photo of the artsy design swirling in the mug. After coffee, the two of you take a walk around the park, stopping every so often to take shots of each other, th... Read More...
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The long and short(s) of it

by Matthew Pertz, Opinion Editor Next September, you might not have to worry about sweating through your jeans in the Bluegrass heat thanks to an ASC proposal permitting shorts to be worn in class. Pending presidential approval, this bylaw strikes “... Read More...