By Sarah Browning, Contributing Writer

At 305 East Main Street near the Wilmore post office, you’ll find a quaint beige house trimmed in green with a beautiful garden. This is Scott Station Inn, currently ranked the #1 Bed & Breakfast in the state on TripAdvisor, perfect for any visiting family and friends.

Bo and Sarah Quigg turned Scott Station Inn from a Frankenstein house into a character-full, luxurious bed and breakfast that they call “a home away from home.”

Scott Station Inn was originally two houses, which were combined in the 1800s to create a hotel for the train station down the road. Ever since, the bed and breakfast has been everything from a girls’ dorm to a bookstore. Bo and Sarah say the story is always building, as people return to Wilmore and give them new pieces to add to Scott Station Inn’s history.

The couple have owned Scott Station Inn for three years now, and guests have been positively thrilled with their stays.

The inn has five guest rooms, each with a queen-sized bed (with a two-inch memory foam pad) and a private bathroom. Guests are free to use the guest lounge, the patio and the back porch and pergola outside. In addition to the gourmet breakfast, Bo and Sarah will do extended dining or fine dining upon request. They also cater events and dinner parties in their large dining room. These unique furnishings are only the beginning of the comforts Bo and Sarah provide.

In addition, the entryway carpet, custom-made with New Zealand wool, and the deep blue-green on the moulding are Bo and Sarah’s own creation. The moulding is sold as “Scott Station Green” at the Benjamin Moore store in Nicholasville.

Home cooked meals are one of the many things that set Scott Station Inn apart. “Our food is a big part of the experience you have here. We do a full three-course, gourmet breakfast each morning,” said Bo. When relatives come to stay, students are welcome to join their families for the three-course gourmet breakfast.

“The muffins are the fun part, because I have a really good recipe that I tweak to make blueberry muffins, apple muffins, raspberry muffins, pumpkin muffins and then I make a streusel to go on top of the muffins. And Bo is really creative, so he makes a different glaze for every kind of muffin that I make,” said Sarah.

The Quiggs use Kentucky-made products as often as possible and serve coffees and teas from Trader Joe’s. “We try to support our local farmers,” said Bo. “The other night we had a dinner party and our appetizer was our house crab cakes. We did Maryland-style crab cakes, and we served them over a bed of microgreens that were grown by Sydney and Erin Penner.” Dr. Sydney Penner and Dr. Erin Penner teach philosophy and English at Asbury, respectively.

Bo and Sarah also joyfully accommodate any guests with dietary needs or allergies. Bo said, “We always ask if people have special needs. One summer we had a group in, and I actually fixed ground lamb and kale for breakfast because of their dietary restrictions.”

Sarah said, “We love good food, and we love to be pampered, so, ‘Do unto others as you would do for yourself.’ We love pampering people and giving them really good gourmet food, and one of our goals is to bless people so they can come here and be refreshed and really enjoy the experience.”

One way of blessing people is by offering a kind of concierge service. “We will make reservations in the area for dinners for our guests, or we’ll refer them and recommend them. We’ll make itineraries. I’ve even done Google Maps to map out their routes if they’re going on a tour of the area,” said Bo.

The Quiggs say they feel called to hospitality and blessed by the experience they have had with it. “The world comes to our door, and then we get to know them and know how to pray for them and reach out to them and encourage them,” said Sarah.

“Being innkeepers is really a lifestyle. You have to love people and hospitality. We see it as a chance to minister in people’s lives and bless people. And, you know, when you’re blessing other people, you’re really the one who always gets blessed,” said Bo.

For this high-quality Southern hospitality, $139 a night is a steal. Scott Station Inn is the perfect place for your family to stay when they’re visiting.