It’s been a year since you broke your leg against Shawnee State last season, what was the recovery process like, and how do you think you’ve improved since then?

 The recovery process was extremely difficult, especially at the beginning. After I got out of surgery I needed a lot of help from friends and family in order to get around and keep my spirits up. Once I was able to walk again, I regained a lot of my independence and could focus on my physical therapy. I think not being able to take care of myself was the worst part of my recovery. Not being able to play soccer for 9 months was extremely frustrating as well, but it did give me time to focus on my studies and my long-term career goals.

What motivates you most in your senior season?

 As a senior and a captain on the soccer team, I have two main motivations. I want to be a positive influence on all of my teammates so that they can become better athletes and men, and I want to help lead this team to our first appearance in Nationals.

What is something you want the campus to know that would convince them to come out to the games?

 I believe that this is the best men’s soccer team that Asbury has had in the past 10 years and that we are capable of doing some really special things this year. I want everyone at Asbury to come out to a game at least once, because I think that it is one of the best experiences that you can have while on campus.

What are your takeaways from the first few games of the season, and what would you like to see as you continue?

 We haven’t performed as well as we wanted to these first few games, but we are excited moving forward. We truly believe that our last wins will propel us into a long winning streak. Conference play starts up soon and if we can get good enough results then Nationals is still a possibility. The important thing is for us to keep improving.