Class: Vindicated

Sport: Tennis

Major: Computational Mathematics

  • You’re the lone senior on the team this season. What’s that like?

Originally, I felt a lot of pressure from being the lone senior: pressure to perform and pressure to have a lasting impact on the team. Now though, I am less concerned with how I perform and more concerned with enjoying the game and leading by example.

  • What’s something you look forward to this season?

Last season, we made history by upsetting the 13th seed in the first round of nationals. This year we have a young but talented team. I am excited to see how our team grows together. I cannot wait to see what God will do in my last tennis season.

  • What is something you want the campus to know that would convince them to come out to the games?

I would like them to know that their support means the world to us. We have already had a lot of people come out to support us, and we cannot thank them enough. Our program, like many others at Asbury, is continuing to improve, so watching us is watching history being made.