Class: Merciful

Major: Double Major in Media Communications & Marketing

Branch: Student Activities Board

Committee: Male Activities Director for Merciful Class Cabinet

What makes your committee important?

The Merciful Class Cabinet oversees events happening within the Merciful Class specifically and to represent the Merciful body to the executive cabinet. The importance of SAB is to organize activities that involve the campus as a whole body rather than individual classes. We work with the individual committees on campus to make sure all activities are running smoothly and the student body is happy with them.

What’s the best part about being involved in SAB and Cabinet?

Honestly, the meetings have been a blast. We’re just a bunch of students trying to best represent the Merciful Class and sometimes it gets pretty insane. But it’s always fun trying to find the best way to serve or class and hear everyone’s feedback!

What do you want other students to know about your committee and branch?

I’d like other students to know that their ideas and feedback are listened to and are always addressed within our Cabinet. We’re listening and always trying to serve the class in the best way possible. Also, Junior/Senior is going to be epic.