The Collegian is deeply intertwined with my Asbury experience. Being the excited freshman that I was, I did everything I could to start working on the Collegian from day one. I was a staff writer the first semester of my freshman year. At the encouragement of Allison Antram and Jorge Castorena, I stayed with my journalism major and looked forward to working with the Collegian more.

The second semester, Matthew Pertz and I were both given the opportunity to be the only freshman editors on staff. My sophomore year, I served as managing editor. I learned from the leadership of Hannah Schultz and spent countless late nights with her and Kaiser Shaffer, making edits and laying out the paper. Then early Friday morning, I would deliver the paper in the Collegian wagon, which we affectionately named Wheeler after the professor who convinced me to attend Asbury.

The Collegian was and is my investment and my pride. I felt the joy of handing the latest copy to students at the Hiccup and dropping off issues at the Alumni House, and I grieved bad print jobs and editorial controversy.

This year, I am honored to be executive editor of the Collegian. I am grateful for those who invest in my future, not just for the Collegian, but for journalism and life. I am excited to continue to work with those who have been on this team since my first day, and I look forward to passing on the joy I receive from the Collegian to our new staff members.

To some, the Collegian is just a school newspaper to be passed over. To me, this publication reflects the pulse of campus and provides countless opportunities for writers, photographers and designers. It is not just an extracurricular activity; it is the springboard to what I want to do for a career.

What I ask of you is that you support the Collegian. Read these articles and discuss them with your friends. Have grace for mistakes. If you have an opinion, share it with us, for only then can we become better and reflect the voices of campus.

Robin Gericke
Executive Editor