Athlete of the Week: Alyssa Molden

Class: Senior

Sport: Volleyball

Major: Elementary Education

  • You ran a volleyball camp this summer. What was that experience like?

I ran the Falling Springs youth volleyball camp in Versailles, Ky., this past summer and oversaw about 20 athletes ranging ages 10-14. I had a couple of really solid, caring coaches who poured into me over the years and it was a blessing to be on the other side of that relationship. The kids were awesome and hardworking; we all learned a lot about volleyball and life.

  • What is your role on Asbury’s volleyball team?

To push for us to be our best, while remembering and reminding everyone that it is sometimes important to take a step back, breathe and appreciate the experience and the teammates we are sharing it with.

  • What’s something you wish more people knew about the volleyball team?

How intense and fun this sport can be! I feel like a lot of people don’t take the time to learn to watch volleyball because it looks complicated, but if you come to a match, I promise you will have fun. The plays are fast and the crowd always brings a good atmosphere. Be watching for our themed game nights this year!

  • Last year you all made it to the conference championship, but lost in a heartbreaker. What will it take for this team to win it all this year?

We will need to continue to consistently strive for our best in practice. We will also need to minimize our errors, finish in three sets as much as possible and play intelligently. We are an experienced, hungry team, and we are more than ready for our chance.