by Kayla Lutes, Features Editor
The four(ish) years that comprise our college experience are full of changes both big and small. Professors come and go, older classes graduate, and friend groups change. By the end of your college experience, freshman you is no longer recognizable, and campus is not the place it once was. What are some of the things that have changed on Asbury’s campus since the Anchored Class of 2017 arrived?
1. The Grille
An easy tell for if someone is a senior is whether or not they ever slip up and refer to The Bistro as The Grille. The Grille is the predecessor to The Bistro that served glorious amounts of fried foods. Members of the Anchored class are known to lament the lack of grilled chicken sandwiches, turkey and swiss bagels and mozzarella sticks available on campus after the Grille’s demise. Instead of the fancy booths and modern design of the Bistro, we climbed to the top of the Z.T. Johnson Building to a walled-off section where orders were placed (think ballpark concession style) and a white-washed room that lacked any ascetic quality whatsoever. And it was fantastic.
2. Old CPO
Before CPO joined the Asbury Outlet in the math and science building, it was located just out the back entrance of the Stuce in a building that is no longer standing. Doddridge-Holland was noticeably old and there were horror stories of what went down in the basement (in reality, it just used to be a pool). Needless to say, the only thing Anchored class members miss about old CPO is how convenient its location was for non-media comm, math, or science majors.
3. Dancing
When the Anchored class came to Asbury, organized social dancing had been allowed for only two years.This did not include formal dances on Asbury’s campus, as those kind of dances were permitted only off campus when the changes to the dance policy was made two  years before the Anchored class arrived. The change in policy that allows Asbury to host dances on campus was made in 2015 and is still in its pilot period for 2017 and beyond.
4. Cosmic Fogs
Though this treat is likely to be unknown to many seniors, the ones who were touched by the cinnamon goodness of the tea latte, known by its fans as a cosmic fog, will tell you that  this change to campus was the worst since the Anchored class started at Asbury. The cinnamon cousin of the London fog, the cosmic fog was invented by a member of the Illuminated class, and as fate would have it, the drink began to fade from Hiccup orders since that class graduated until it was replaced by a cinnamon chia tea latte that goes by the same name but bears little resemblance taste-wise.