By: Hannah Coleman, Contributing Writer

The flowers are blooming, birds are chirping and the weather is finally heating up. Starbucks has launched their new pastel cups and I can hardly wait to break out my spring wardrobe. This season is following right along with the most popular trends of 2017 and effortless is key. Spring’s hottest trends are the 70’s and 80’s revamped with the combination of retro vibes and yeezies. Designers have given us an abundance of athleisure, distressed denim and tropical prints. With so many possible options for adding to your wardrobe this spring, breaking it down to the essentials is key. Below I’ve listed this season’s most popular trends for men and women:


  1. Pastels

From the classic button-down to cropped fitted jeans, pastels are the leading force in color and style this season. Brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Vineyard Vines and Calvin Klein have perfected the laid back European style that so many guys are rocking this year. Make a statement with pastels by pairing your staple piece with dark wash denim or a neutral khaki pant.

2) Patterned Pants

Plaid, pinstripe and gingham have made their way into this spring’s hottest line-up for men’s pants. Structured trousers in various styles such as herringbone, carrot fit and bird’s eye are the most common styles for sporting this look. Patterned pants are a definite staple item, so pair your favorite cut and style with a solid colored button-up or sport coat. Shop this look in stores like ASOS, ZARA and H&M.

3) Sleek Kicks

Personal style extends from head to toe. This spring it is all about the shoes, more specifically investing in a classy dress shoe that can upgrade any outfit. Some of the most popular this season include Cap Toe, Wing Tip and Monk Strap Oxfords. Guys who sport sharp shoes this spring are sure to exude class and sophistication.


  1. Off The Shoulder

Off the shoulder (OTS) tops, dresses and rompers are this season’s hottest trend for spring. Hitting the runway in the summer of 2016, OTS quickly became a fashion lover’s favorite due to its feminine flair and versatility. I predict that the OTS shoulder trend will be around for several more seasons.

2) Pinstripe

We are officially bringing back the 70’s with a fresh take on the beloved pinstripe. This season pastel blue and pink paired with white are the most popular adaptions of this style. Pinstripe is most commonly worn in the form of an off the shoulder blouse, button up or t-shirt dress. This look provides laid-back, beachy vibes with minimal effort, the perfect combo for spring time.

3) Overalls

With the comeback of “mom jeans” this past season, a good pair of overalls is now a must have item for fashionistas looking to add a little bit of flair to their wardrobe. My favorite part about overalls is their ability to adapt to your own personal style. I like to pair mine with lace, but I’ve seen them paired with anything from a slouchy sweater to a frilly OTS.

Men & Women:

  1. Army Green

This spring, forest green is the new black. In past seasons, army green has been primarily known as a fall color, but this spring forest green has presented itself as a neutral option for both men and women. Army green can be worn in the form of a fitted cargo jacket, skinny trouser or structured tunic.

2) Athleisure

Athleisure, the official favorite trend of the college student. Athleisure is a combination of athletic and leisure clothing and is the hottest trend of 2017. If you want people to think you have just come from the gym, are stopping at Starbucks before your next spin class or have any athletic ability whatsoever (even though you may have just rolled out of bed), athleisure is your go-to look.