by Bria Isaacson, News Editor

Kresge will be having its last Saturday open dorm event, a lip-sync battle, on March 4 from 7 to 11 p.m. Individuals and groups will be lip-sync battling starting at 7:30 p.m. The event, along with Johnson’s next Saturday open dorm, will usher out Saturday open dorm events at Asbury, which Student Congress recently voted to replace.

One group battle that is already especially anticipated is the battle between each of the dorms’ Resident Assistant (RA) staff. The Kresge RA staff has challenged the Glide-Crawford (GC), Trustees and Johnson RA staff to battle.

Faith Neece, junior and RA of 2nd East, choreographed Kresge’s dance along with junior and Assistant Resident Director (ARD) Emma Wittekind.

“I’m pretty sure that Kresge’s will be pretty good,” Neece said. “It’s fun and sassy. The sass factor is definitely there. We’re going to laugh and have a good time with it.”

Kresge Resident Director (RD) Kim Martin believes this will be the highlight of the night.

“It’s fun to do something random and hilarious like this with my staff,” she said. “We’re excited to be the opening act!”

Martin said that the lip-sync battle theme was picked because it will be memorable. “My hope for any event is to create a stronger community, see people step out of their comfort zones and create memories and meet new people that could lead to a lasting friendship,” she said.

These goals are similar to the goals of past open dorm events. GC and Trustees have already had their Saturday open dorm events this semester, with Taste of GC in January and Tunnel of Love in February, respectively.

Student Congress has recently voted to replace Saturday open dorm events with a Sunday open dorm starting next year. The Sunday open dorm will be similar to the current Friday open dorm, except that each dorm will have only one Sunday open dorm a month. There will not be events like Taste of GC or Tunnel of Love during these Sunday open dorms. The Friday open dorm will remain the same.