by Bria Isaacson, News Editor

The Asbury Chorale, under the direction of Vicki Bell, and members of the orchestra, under the direction of Nathan Miller, will be performing Fauré’s Requiem on April 9 at 6 p.m. in Hughes Auditorium. Mark Schell will be the organist.

The performance has been scheduled for April 9 in order to line up with a liturgy for Holy Week, the week preceding Easter, because of “Fauré’s emphasis on eternal rest,” according to Bell.

The Requiem was also picked as a performance piece because of its ability to enthrall listeners throughout the years.

“The Requiem has captured the attention of both performers and audiences, as well as scholars, for many years,” Bell said. “The music is beautiful and genuine, and has stood the test of time.”

Choral member junior Grace Wilson is excited to be performing this piece. “I love Fauré’s Requiem mass for its text, which I think is the same as other funeral masses, but it’s loaded with imagery, plus Latin is lovely to sing,” she said. “The music itself is a beautiful work, and I hop lots of students and community members will join us for the performance!”

Those performing hope that the music is worship to God.

Bell said, “Our goal is to interpret the words and music of the Requiem to the best of our ability, and to glorify God through our performance.”