Sport: Lacrosse

Hometown: Lawrenceburg, KY

Class: Merciful

Major: Marketing


What were the biggest lessons you learned after playing in your first college season?

Dedication and respect make a difference. We’ve gone through a lot of changes since the beginning of the program, even since I’ve been here, and dedication has made all the difference. I’ve improved so much not because I’m an amazing athlete but because I’ve dedicated time and energy on improving my weak areas. Everyone on my team shares that belief and it makes a difference. We respect each other’s time and talents by being intentional with our time when we’re practicing.

How did you and the team prepare for this upcoming year?

Of course we spent a lot of time practicing but in addition the team spent a lot of time together, not just practicing but also through serving in the community, having team Bible Study, study hall and eating meals at Coach’s house. All of those things helped establish trust and unity before we stepped on the field to play to our first game.

What has it been like to have a new coach this year?

Having a new coach has been a growing experience. Coach Niki and Coach Rich have different coaching styles. For the returning players, it’s been an adjustment but it has been good. Coach Niki shows us where there is room for improvement and then shows us how to actually improve.  She stresses unity and trust because we value those things. We all loved Coach Rich, and most of us are here because of him, but Coach Niki has been great for the team. She’s brought a new vibe to the team, [one of] excitement to see where this season will take us. 

After your first few games this year, what goals do you have for yourself?

This year I want to be more effective in blocking shots. Being a defense player is difficult because if you mess up, the scoreboard shows it. I also want to be more effective at checking and communicating with my teammates.

What are some things you wish more people knew about the lacrosse team?

We are not the same team we were three years ago. We are just a group of women with a competitive streak and a love for the game. We all have the same goals, and we know that to accomplish them we need each other. Also, we’re not scary and we would love to see some friendly faces in the stands during our home games.