by Sarah Baldwin, Vice President of Student Development

If a student believes that he or she may have experienced sexual misconduct by another member of the Asbury community, the student is strongly encouraged to speak to a trusted faculty or staff member or come directly to me. The faculty, staff member or I will connect the student with available resources. It is also my responsibility as dean of students and coordinator of student complaints to ensure that the appropriate response to the student concern occurs in a timely manner.

If needed and desired, the student will receive immediate support such as counseling, pastoral care and support from the safe relationships advocate. Other immediate responses may include removing the student from a class, changing the student’s course schedule or chapel seat, or issuing a no-contact order to someone who is causing anxiety or fear. In emergency situations, the student will be encouraged to get medical care, contact the police and file a report or receive other support and care. Please note that if a situation exists on our campus that threatens the safety of our community, it is necessary that the University responds by investigating the concern.

Going through a sexual misconduct process is not easy. However, if you feel as though you have been victimized in any way by any member of this community — on or off campus — it is critical that you receive the support that you deserve. Also, we want to ensure that our campus is a safe campus, so it is important that we are able to log, review and respond to any complaint.

As the dean of students and the coordinator for student complaints, I take my role seriously to ensure that students are supported and respected throughout the process. I know it is a demanding experience, and we are constantly reviewing the policy to ensure that it is the best possible experience for students.

I want each student on our campus to have safe relationships with the rest of our community. If you feel unsafe, please talk to a faculty or staff member you trust. I am also available to talk with you. Kim Martin, Kresge RD, serves as the victim advocate for safe relationships. Kim or I will certainly help you navigate the process with your safety and the community’s safety in mind.