by Kayla Lutes, Features Editor

With Valentine’s Day just behind us, it’s clear that love is in the air. On Asbury’s campus, where intentional relationships are championed, it can be hard to be single. Luckily, I am an expert at remaining single, having made it to my senior year holding on to that status (nice try, Mark). Follow these tips to make it through all four spring semesters without a ring.


Chances are you’ve had a class with a person who you think is attractive. Classes provide the perfect opportunity to flirt before the lecture starts or walk together to your next destination after class ends. This time can be particularly dangerous if you and your cutie share a major since you will most likely have shared interests and have multiple classes together. Soon you’ll find yourself being asked to take the seat next to this attractive person, or worse yet, join them on a study date. In this scenario, always say “no.” Sure, the invite may sound tempting, and they may be able to explain the difference between passé composé and imparfait tenses, but it’s best to give a simple, “I’m good,” and walk away.


Ladies, we all know the butterflies fluttering in our stomachs feeling when a guy stops in his tracks to play the gentleman and hold open the door to the Caf. It’s a moment of connection. Your eyes meet. He smiles; you smile. Then, you thank him and walk ahead. To prevent this special moment it’s best to speed up your pace when you see any gentlemen. This ensures that you make it to the door before they do. When you get to the Caf doors, pull them open, hard. With enough force, you can pull the doors completely off their hinges, proving to all of campus just how strong and independent you are.


Guys who want to stay single are already avoiding door holding, but here’s a tip to help you kick it up a notch so women know, where you’re concerned, chivalry truly is dead. A woman who is interested in a guy will use every trick in the book to ensure he’s interested. You can put an end to the tests by failing one of the first. If the cute girl sitting in front of you drops her pen in your direction, be sure to let her know that you’re single and want to stay that way by making eye contact, smiling and simply stating, “You dropped something.”


We’ve all been there, standing in a crowded Hiccup line with an attractive person just paces away. They’re waiting for their coffee; you’re waiting to order yours. It’s best to make no indication of their attractiveness. Instead, look in the opposite direction of the person, who, by now, is full blown smiling in your direction. Do not return that smile. Instead, duck your head and stare at your phone. This trick has the added benefit of making you look desirable while simultaneously blocking out any conversation — a perfect combination to keep you single for your college years.