by Robin Gericke, Managing Editor

After listening to student feedback, Asbury Student Congress passed a proposal during the Jan. 31 meeting to allow for open dorms on Sunday nights in addition to Friday open dorms.

The proposal was written by Student Body President Matthew Jackson and Vice President of Student Governance Sara Trapp in response to student feedback that campus needed more open dorm hours and Sunday activities. The proposal recommended that additional open dorm hours be added on Sunday from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday open dorms will rotate weekly between men’s dorms (Johnson and Trustees) and women’s dorms (Kresge and Glide-Crawford).

Since last year, there were Saturday open dorms once a month that also included special events, such as Taste of GC. Trapp addressed Saturday open dorms when she presented the new proposal. Many students weren’t on campus on Saturdays and because the open dorms were accompanied by events, it was unclear that open dorm was going on as well.

Therefore, dorms can still host events, but Sunday open dorm will replace Saturday open dorm.

The proposal stated that the reason for Sunday open dorms is to provide increased opportunity to study and foster community. As few places in Wilmore are open on Sundays and many campus spaces are closed, this open dorm will provide that space. The proposal also outlines how the additional open dorm hours will start the week with fellowship.

“It is believed that Sunday open dorm hours would be beneficial to community life and to academics as it provides a space for male and female students to study together,” the proposal stated. “In the spirit of keeping the Sabbath, this time could allow students to realign into the Asbury community at the beginning of the academic week. It is believed that this additional night of open dorm will improve community satisfaction, meeting the student need for increased open dorm hours.”

The proposal passed with a majority vote.

Lauren Edgell, Vindicated class chaplain, had a different perspective and voted against the proposal. “One of the reasons they cited for writing the proposal is to incorporate the Sabbath at the beginning of the week, but if there was an open dorm, all of the RAs would have to be there working and keeping track of what was going on,” Edgell said. “It’s not a restful situation for them. I don’t think an open dorm honors the Sabbath if that what we’re going for.”

The additional open dorm hours will be implemented next year.