by Kayla Lutes, Features Editor

Nine Asbury students had the opportunity to attend this year’s Sundance Film Festival as a part of the course “Sundance: A Study in Independent Cinema,” taught by Professor Jacob Klein. The festival has given students an opportunity to connect with people around the world and learn about Christianity in film through the Windrider forum, while gaining hands on experience for their future careers through professional workshops.

“It’s amazing how the things that are going on socially and politically in the country right now are reflected in the films there,” Klein said.

Sophmore Anne Reinhiller views this chance of connection as invaluable. She said, “the networking you can do is so valuable, and the amount of knowledge you can gain from professionals is irreplaceable.”

Junior Sarah Myhand echoed Reinhiller’s statement about the power of relationship amongst film lovers, saying, “the silent anticipation of the crowd before a film starts and the camaraderie we all found while waiting in lines is the most amazing thing I’ve experienced.”

The experience mixes adventure with opportunity. “Even if you aren’t a media major, consider going to Sundance for the experience,” Reinhiller said.

According to sophomore Samantha Bruce, you won’t regret the experience. “It’s cold and I’m tired but I have had the time of my life this week. It’s just one big amazing adventure and I’m so glad I went,” she said.