Class: Vindicated

Major: Biochemistry & Computational Mathematics

Branch: Student Governance Association

Role: Sigma Zeta Representative

What is the importance of your committee/role?

My role is to represent Sigma Zeta in the ASC. Whenever there is an event in the science and math departments, I request the needed funds.

I also announce events, like the annual Sigma Zeta picnic, in ASC meetings to invite the community to join our events.

What has been the best moment you’ve experienced while being involved with them?

This upcoming March, Sigma Zeta will be hosting its annual Kids College. It is an event where we share the joy and wonder of science to kids (kindergarten to eighth grade). I have participated in Kids College for the last two years, and I have really enjoyed it. As Sigma Zeta representative, I am really glad that I play a role in allowing this event to happen smoothly again this year.

What do you want other students on campus to know about your committee/branch?

SGA, as well as other branches, does our best to make Asbury University a place where students can fully enjoy and be proud of being an Asburian. We also hope our community glorifies Jesus in whatever we do. I hope the students will put ASC and its branch members in their prayers so that we can serve them with God’s love and wisdom.