by Kari Lutes, Features Editor

Now that we’ve been immersed in 2017 for almost a month it’s safe to say that some things will stay in the dreadful 2016 where they belong, though there are some 2016 trends we won’t be leaving behind anytime soon. Here’s a list of pop cultural trends that look like they’ll stick around for 2017, whether we want them to or not:

1. Hamilton

Though the hit Broadway musical, “Hamilton,” premiered in 2015, it continued to grow in popularity throughout 2016, ultimately taking over all of our Spotify playlists. The musical, which won 11 Tony awards, including Best Musical, kicked off its tour in September of 2016, offering shows in Chicago in addition to its original home on Broadway. The tour will continue with shows being offered in San Francisco beginning in March and in Los Angeles beginning in August, promising that “Hamilton” will continue to rock 2017 from the East coast to the West—and that’s something we can all look forward to.

2. Revivals

2016 saw the return of many familiar faces and stories (for better or for worse) to our screens with spin-offs and sequels like “Fuller House” and “Gilmore Girls: A year in the Life,” not to mention the release of “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,” which brought the wizarding world of Harry Potter back to us. While 2017 saw the end of Disney’s “Girl Meets World, the sequel to the popular 90’s show, “Boy Meets World,” it also comes with the promise of a third season of Netflix’s “Fuller House,” proving that nostalgia may be the most powerful force of all.

3. Netflix Originals

In 2013 Netflix’s “House of Cards” was the first web-only series to receive a Daytime Emmy award. The trend has continued ever since with 2016 streaming releases receiving 70 percent of the Golden Globe nomination in 2017, according to Business Insider. At the Golden Globes Netflix, which, like Amazon, received five T.V. show nominations, received its first Best Series win when “The Crown” received Best Drama. In October of 2016, Netflix announced its plan to raise $800 million to fund original content, which looks promising for a year filled with award-worthy shows in 2017.

4. Politics

Politics aren’t exactly a trend so much as a part of life, but during 2016 and the election season we’re all surprised we lived through, politics took its place in the realm of pop culture. Politics found its way into many of our favorite pop cultural trends, such as Mike Pence’s viewing of “Hamilton” and Donald Trump’s unsolicited Twitter commentary on Alec Baldwin’s’ SNL performance, not to mention the #NastyWoman trend on twitter following the 3rd debate between Trump and Hillary Clinton. Whether you like your pop culture mixing with your politics, Meryl Streep’s speech at the 2017 Golden Globes criticizing then-president-elect Donald Trump serves as a sign that the political trend will continue in 2017.