By Hannah Stafford, News Editor

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! A time of singing, decorating and class parties! All four of the current classes represented on campus will be hosting their annual Christmas party this year on Friday, December 2 at 8:00 p.m. Each class has chosen a very unique theme and has quite the evening planning.

As the Visionary Class prepares for their first, class president Houston Edwards has said that he’s looking forward to the opportunity to grow even closer as a class.

“I’m most excited about everyone being together in an environment that will have a beautiful and warm welcoming scenery,” said Edwards. “From when I started out as Class-President till now, it’s very apparent on how much closer we have become in the Visionary family, and this is just the beginning.”

The Visionary class party will be held in Glide-Crawford and is themed “Classy Christmas” with semi-formal dress expected.

“Our Vice-President Maggie Richwine was the one behind the ‘Classy Christmas’ theme,” said Edwards. “After we all discussed about the theme and brainstormed ideas, having a semi-formal Christmas party would be a neat and different experience for all the freshman.”

The Merciful Class is taking a very different approach, selecting the theme “Snowcoming.” Sophomores are asked to wear their ugliest Christmas sweaters or best Christmas costumes to the Salvation Army Student Center, where their party is to be held.

Isabella Nelson, class Activities Coordinator said that she and the rest of cabinet wanted this to be a fun a relaxing evening before finals and break.

“I am looking forward to the class Christmas party because it is a great opportunity for the Merciful class to come together and share some holiday cheer with each other before going home,” she said.

The Vindicated Class party which will be held in the basement of WGM is themed, “How Vindicated Stole Christmas” borrowing from the classic Christmas tale of the Grinch. Madison Farrar, class president, says that this theme is really exciting to her, personally.

“I am really looking forward to the Christmas party this year because I just really love hanging out with the Vindicated Class,” said Farrar. “I am not the biggest fan of Christmas, so the Grinch theme makes it a bit more fun for me because I can relate to him a little bit.”

Among the planned activities for Vindicated’s party are a toy drive for “Toys for Tots” as well as, potentially, a mannequin challenge.

The Anchored Class is preparing for their final Christmas Party, theming it “Christmas Extravaganza”. It will be held in the Stuce with food, fames, music and movies.

Senior Clair Lafferty, who has been involved with the party’s planning said, “Class Christmas parties are always a great time for everyone to get together and celebrate the season. I’m really looking forward to one last chance for the Anchored Class to celebrate together.”

She also said that there will be a special guest joining at the end that seniors won’t want to miss.