Class: Anchored

Hometown: Lexington, Kentucky

Major: Elementary Education

Sport: Soccer

What goals did you have for yourself at the beginning of the year?

As a captain, I wanted to lead the team as far as possible in the conference tournament and win as many regular season games as possible. That’s always the goal, especially when you realize it’s your last year to ever play.

The team had a big comeback from 2-0 down against Rio Grande. How did the team get back into the game?

Our team has a lot of fight but being down by two goals, we had to choose if we were going to give up or rise to the occasion to get back in and win this thing.

The first half brought about much frustration. But we remembered there are two things we can control, which are our attitudes and effort. In the second half, we worked harder and encouraged one another. We worked together as a team should, and what happened because of that?

We came back and won the game 3-2. We played with a lot of heart the second half, and I couldn’t be more proud of my teammates.

You’re the most senior member of a very young back line. What is your role as a leader to that group?

As a leader of the backline, it’s my job to help organize defensively. It’s also my job to encourage them even when we make mistakes. The ball doesn’t always bounce our way in the back, and that’s just a part of the game. But making sure my teammates feel confident with their positions is an area I’m striving to work on with them.

Although our backline is so young, I believe we have one of the best defensive lines in our conference.

With the conference tournament coming up, what are the team’s goals for this post-season?

Our team goal is first to seek the Lord in all we do. We know that He has given us the gift and ability to play soccer, so we play for an audience of one. However, we are eager and determined to make it to Nationals this year. This year, one of our team goals was to win the conference tournament and go to Nationals. We definitely have the ability to make it there this season.

What have been your favorite parts about being part of the soccer team?

Hands down my favorite part about being on the soccer team are my teammates. They are my family here at Asbury, and I wouldn’t trade my experience with the soccer team for the world. They have blessed and impacted my life more than they will ever know. We go through highs and lows together during the season and come out stronger in the end.

Soccer has taught me a lot about life because there will be times when you have highs and lows with the people you love, and it’s how you handle those situations that will determine the outcome. It’s also grown me closer to Christ.

Going on the mission trip to Colombia with them this summer has given me opportunities to trust God more than I ever have before. I’ll never forget our trips together as a team and the memories we’ve made from those trips.

I’m thankful for my team, and I’m sure going to miss every single one of them when it’s over. It has been a journey playing these past four years, but it’s one that I’ll remember forever.