Class: Junior

Hometown: Lexington, KY

Major: Communications

Sport: Basketball

You played a lot of minutes against Kentucky Christian. How much are you hoping to contribute to the team this season? 

I am hoping to contribute a lot this season. I plan to give my best effort for every game. Anything the team needs me to do, I am willing to do so if it makes the team successful.

What has this offseason looked like for you as you’ve prepared for this year?

This summer I was in the gym a lot. Some days I would have two workouts a day. One workout would be a basketball workout and the other a conditioning workout. I haven’t played in two years, so I really wanted to be prepared as much as I could for the upcoming season.

After the team made the 2nd round of the NAIA tournament last season, what are the goals for this year?

Our goals are to make it even further than the team did last year. We hope to continue the successful way the program has been moving in the recent years.

What has it been like playing under Coach Dahlstein in her first season?

Coach is great. She demands nothing but the best from us every day. She has high standards for us because she believes we can have a great season this year. One quality I love about her is she always puts the team first. She’s always willing to fight for us or stand up for us. It’s nice to know you have a coach who wants the best for you, believes in you, and will always have your back.

What’s something you want other people to know about the basketball team?

This team is more than just basketball players. We are all very well-rounded individuals. They are amazing individuals just as much off the court as on the court. They care for one another, will stand up for each other, and are always there for one another no matter the situation. We view our team as a family and I am lucky to be a part of it!