By Michael Lee, Contributing Writer

The Asbury University men’s basketball team has recently made a switch to a high speed, high powered and highly controversial style of play. The new game plan, called “The System,” was developed only 20 years ago at Grinnell University. When asked to describe The System, Asbury’s Head Coach Will Shouse said, “Every shot should be within the first ten seconds of the shot clock…on both ends.”

The System’s main goal is to create 90 shot attempts per game, compared to the national average of 52. Due to increased pace, all five players substitute in and out of the game every 60 seconds. Tyler Smith, the team’s senior leader, had some initial skepticism. “I was upset because I averaged 32 minutes per game last season,” Smith said. “My durability and reliability is one of the areas I take pride in.”

 The new game plan, called “The System,” was developed only 20 years ago at Grinnell University. 

After many persuasive conversations with Coach Shouse, Smith was eventually swayed after understanding his field goal attempts would double. His opinion eventually changed. “I’ve been waiting to play like this my whole life!” Smith said. Asbury traveled to Ohio this summer to play three games at the Rio Grande Classic where The System was on full display. The Eagles returned home undefeated.

Coach Shouse may have been successful in getting his players on board, but the average fan won’t be as receptive. Most spectators detest the constant back and forth, finding it nauseating to watch the ball rapidly change directions like an air hockey puck.

As always, the only persuasive argument fans will listen to is adding tally marks to the win column. Coach Shouse and his team are confident that doubters will eventually become believers.