Class: Vindicated

Major: Social Work and Political Science

Branch of ASC: Student Governance Association

Committee/role: Vindicated ASC Representative

What is the importance of your committee/role? 

The importance of my role is that I, along with the male ASC Rep, Jesse Luhn, serve as the communicators between the Vindicated Class and our Class Cabinet, and between Class Cabinet and Student Congress.

What has been the best moment you’ve experienced while being involved with them?

The best moment I’ve experienced being involved with Student Congress was during the first ASC How To Seminar, “How To Adult.” The how to’s were Matt Young’s brainchild and it was so much fun to make his idea become a reality.

What do you want other students on campus to know about your committee/branch? 

We want you to come talk to us! If you have a good idea, don’t keep it a secret. Both Class Cabinet and Student Government want to hear your opinions about the things that you want to see on campus.