Class: Anchored

Major: History and International Communications

Branch: SGA

Committee/role: Co-Chair of Issues Awareness Committee

What is the importance of your committee/role?

The Issues Awareness Committee (IAC) is charged with making Asbury students aware of important issues, whether local or global. IAC is important because we have the freedom to talk about things that aren’t always talked about, to break the silence on important issues.  We also do our best to provide Asbury students with some practical way to make an impact on the issues we talk about.

What has been the best moment you’ve experienced while being involved with them?

We’re just getting started this year, so the best moment I’ve had so far was hearing from students during the Plugged-In event about what issues they think others on campus need to be made aware of. People were really honest, and I thought that was great.

What do you want other students on campus to know about your committee/branch?

I want students to keep an eye out for our events and know that they can reach out to us at any time with issues they want addressed. Also, I want them to know about the new element of our committee, the How-To Seminars, and to participate and give us ideas for those as well.