By Hannah Stafford, News Editor

Despite distinctive class names and the many campus competitions between classes, Asbury makes efforts to break down barriers that divide classes. For that reason, the senior and freshman classes will be joining together in the Stuce for a fun night of pajamas, karaoke and breakfast food on Oct. 29 at 9 p.m.

“What I’m looking forward to the most with the Senior/Freshman Event is the variety of activities available to the students,” said Houston Thomas, the Visionary Class president. “There will be something for everyone that most certainly allows for a bonding and fun experience.”

The senior class also has high expectations for the evening.

“We’re really hoping that through this event, the senior class will have the opportunity to pour into and invest in the freshman class,” said Abby Raetz, Anchored Class president. “It wasn’t very long ago that we were in their shoes, and I would really love it if by spending time together, we could enrich the Visionary Class’ first year and the Anchored Class’ last year at Asbury.”

While it’s not unusual for classes to connect for an event during the year, this particular night was an original idea of the senior class.

“I know other classes have done Freshman/Senior events in the past, but it isn’t a regular thing,” said Raetz. “I had the idea last semester and talked to the Visionary Class sponsors about it, so it’s been in the making for a while.”

Raetz also complimented the Visionary Class Cabinet for their efforts in planning and promoting the event.

“They had a lot of awesome ideas and it’s been great to work with them,” she said. “They’ve been getting super into promoting the event and even made a video.”

I know other classes have done Freshman/Senior events in the past, but it isn’t a regular thing.

The freshman class is very excited at the opportunity to engage with seniors. Thomas went on to explain that he is grateful to the seniors for all they have already done to welcome his class and hopes that this evening will spark an even deeper relationship between the classes.

“The Anchored Class holds many great role models for the Visionaries,” said Thomas. “Our class sponsors on the Visionary cabinet, Ashley Dickerson and Jeremiah Law, have been a huge asset in the success we are having so early on. But more than help, they have been great friends allowing for an amazing first semester. I want all the Visionaries to experience the impact of an Anchored friendship will have in their life.”

The importance of role models and mentors among classes is acknowledged among other students as well.

“It’s a good idea for the freshman to have mentors that have been here for a good amount of time,” said senior Angela Burns. “Even if it’s not necessarily a mentor-mentee relationship, it’s still an opportunity for them to look up to someone who’s been here longer and kind of knows the ropes.”

For more information about the event, students can email