Senior: Anchored

Major: Worship Arts

How have you prepared for this season and the upcoming meet?

I have spent the spring and summer gathering miles to build up the endurance needed to run an 8k race. Miles are the best way to prepare for longer distance training.

After finishing 16th in the conference meet last year, what targets have you set for yourself this season?

I am aiming for the top 10 in the conference. With one more season left I want to give all that I have, and that’s my target.

With so many underclassmen on the team, what’s it like being one of the older guys?
As a fifth-year senior I feel like the Dad of the team. I’ve seen a lot of changes over the past four years and I enjoy telling freshman how things were way back when.

What is it about running that you enjoy the most?

The thing I enjoy most about running is simply the fact that I can do it. I have Cystic Fibrosis, and a lot of people who have it are really bad off. But I’ve seen God take a disease that’s supposed to kill me, and use it to minister to His glory by reflecting Him in my runs, whether it’s to my teammates or those I compete against. I’m humbled and honored to say God’s blessed me with 10 strong years of continuous running. Glory to Him!

What are some ways you think you could draw fans out to cross country meets?

If I can give any reason, I would say that cross country meets are a great way to see a different form of athleticism at work. There is something exciting about watching your roommate or hall mate cross the finish line, breathing like they’ve got an airbag deployed in their chest. Come see us run and watch your friends push even harder as you represent, by yelling at ‘em to go faster!