By Robin Gericke, Feature Editor

April at Asbury brings in a flurry of events, exams and thoughts about the senior class graduating in a month. Senior Showcase, happening Friday at 8 p.m. in Hughes Auditorium, is a time for seniors to reflect on the past four years and for underclassmen to observe, learn and get ideas from their older classmates.

Senior Showcase hosts Quentin Carter and Julia Chin don’t remember how many years back this longstanding tradition goes, but they know it has been a part of Asbury since they were freshman. “It’s an important tradition because it’s an opportunity to show all the students our legacy since we’ve been at Asbury,” said Carter. “It’s also a fun thing to do with your class, to be able to team up with your class students and reminisce all the fun times.”

“Everyone at Asbury always boasts about the great community here and Senior Showcase is a great way to exemplify that aspect of our campus,” said Chin.

Senior Showcase will be more than just seeing the best #RansomedRoast tweets, although roasting will certainly be part of the event. Carter said that student can “expect to see a lot of funny skits, videos, dances from past Legacy Games, SoMu songs, etc.”

This event isn’t just for the graduating class. “As an underclassman, Senior Showcase was important because it showed me a glimpse of what all I can accomplish during my time at Asbury,” Chin said. “I remember as a freshman watching the Senior Showcase, I started tearing up at the end when the class all came up on stage to sing their class hymn and I honestly didn’t even know half of the people on the stage but I knew that the next year, with them gone, Asbury would be different and it helped me to realize just how important every class is because of the role they play in shaping the larger community here at Asbury.”

The Senior Showcase is a meaningful event for the Ransomed Class and all of campus as they reflect on the memories of the last four years. “The Ransomed Class is probably the most unique class in the sense that we are a very laughable but fun and strong class,” said Carter.

Chin acknowledges that time at college flies by quickly, but Senior Showcase is a way to encourage underclassmen to make the most of their time as Asbury. “It’s almost unreal to me how quickly time has flown,” she said. “I hope the show will encourage the underclassmen to really live in the present while at Asbury and make those lasting memories because when it’s your turn, you’re going to want stories to talk about!”