You know the drill. Leave your legacy at Asbury in right hands by contributing your Senior Will to the final issue of Asbury Collegian for the 2015-2016 year.

You can make it a heart-felt parting wish, like so:

“To Josh Moore and Ian Huxham, I leave Davis C, a dodgeball tradition, and lots of good memories.

To Rachel Boles, I leave you with Claire Underwood. Take care of my bb.”

— Bayly Shelley

or make it a funny tribute:

“To the incoming Class of 2019, I give the literal millions of urinal cakes hidden around campus that the janitorial staff think we don’t notice they are using instead of air fresheners. We notice, guys. We notice.”

— Merry Moore

Please submit your famous last words to The Collegian Staff by Monday, April 25th