Athlete of the Week: Kateland Hunter
You’re batting over .400 for the season, how do you keep yourself in the zone when you’re up at the plate?

When I am at the plate it is just me, the pitcher, and God. I try to block out everything else that is going on around me and focus on what is right in front of me and I ask God to give me strength and courage to do the best I can in that moment.

What were the team’s goals before the season began?

As a team we looked at doing well in conference and coming together as a team. Also we wanted to pick up where we left off last year and build on the foundation that was already laid out.
With conference games coming up next month, how prepared do you think the team is for such a big part of the season?
We are starting to find a grove and becoming more aware of what we need to do individually and as a team to succeed in those games. We look at all the games prior to conference as practice, and I look for us to do well in conference play.
You have four home runs so far, did you have a number you were shooting for this season?
I don’t really have a goal for how many homeruns I hope to get this season. I am just hoping to go out my senior year by leaving all I have out on the field. I have played softball since I was three years old and I just want to be proud of myself when I say goodbye.
How have you seen yourself grow as a player this season?
Personally I have become more aware of who I am on and off the field. There is so much about the game of softball that can be translated into real life. My friend Joey Johnson (baseball player here at Asbury) used to tell me that we play a game of failure. It wasn’t until this year that I realized that yes I am going to fail over and over again or things might not work out how I thought they were but I have faith that I will brush off the “dirt” and ultimately realize God is in control. All my success and failure belongs to Him.
What’s something about the softball team that you wish more people knew?
The softball team is full of some of the most funny, loud, and crazy people, but they also have some of the biggest hearts of anyone I know. I am very blessed to have played next to each and everyone of them, and I am going to miss them when I am gone.